** For Educational Use Only **

AnestAssist PK/PD is intended for educational use only. It is not FDA approved for clinical use.

Good clinical judgement, training, and experience must be used in evaluating and interpreting AnestAssist's calculations. Please be aware of the following limitations:

  • AnestAssist uses mathematical models to estimate drug concentrations and effects. These models are only simplified approximations, derived from population studies involving small numbers of subjects who are usually relatively healthy. Also, there is an intrinsic performance error between a model's predictions and the the study data it was built from. This error is usually reported with the results of the study, and can vary widely from study to study. Because of intrinisic model performance error, and because your patient may be unlike the study population, and finally because of biologic variability among individual patients, AnestAssist's estimates may be significantly different from any individual patient's actual values.  Please see AnestAssist Scientific Basis for more information regarding models.
  • Software, especially complex software such as AnestAssist, may contain errors not identified during testing. AnestAssist was carefully tested, and detailed results published on AnestAssist Testing. However, no testing can be perfect or exhaustive, so errors may remain that may be obvious or non-obvious.