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Innovative Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Modeling Application for iPhone is a Powerful Educational and Planning Tool for Anesthesiologists

Madison WI – August 31, 2009 – Palma Healthcare Systems LLC ( has announced AnestAssist PK/PD, an iPhone hosted educational and planning tool used for understanding and visualizing the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and interactions of commonly used anesthetic drugs.

Anesthesiologists, CRNA’s, and other clinicians involved with anesthesiology, from residents to the very experienced, will find AnestAssist a valuable tool for understanding and designing rational dosing strategies tailored to individual patients.

Palma Healthcare Systems founder Mark Palma explains: “What we’ve done is we have implemented a number of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models for commonly used IV anesthetic drugs. A couple aspects of these models are particularly important to understanding and planning rational dosing strategies tailored to individual patients. First off, many of the models use the patient’s weight, age, and gender as input variables to appropriately adjust the models’ output estimates of concentrations and effects.

“Secondly, by exploiting the interaction between hypnotic and opioid drugs clinicians reduce the total amount of these drugs administered. AnestAssist implements a propofol-opioid interaction model that allows users to explore and optimize dosing strategies.

“The details of the models used and how this works can be found on our website”

A particularly innovative decision by Palma Healthcare was to deliver AnestAssist as an iPhone (and iPod touch) application. “This allows AnestAssist to be used anytime and anywhere,” said Palma. “We can display detailed graphs and tables on the large, high resolution display, and clinicians love the iPhone’s intuitive touch interface. Finally, by distributing AnestAssist via the iPhone’s App Store, users can purchase, install, and begin using AnestAssist in literally one minute.”

AnestAssist has already received high praise during pre-release testing. One resident remarked that AnestAssist had helped her “bridge the gap between abstract mathematical textbook training and real world application of PK/PD theory”, while another highly experienced anesthesiologist stated that AnestAssist had given him “insight into the guidelines and rules of thumb I’ve used for years. I like the idea of putting more science into the art of anesthesia”.

About Palma Healthcare Systems:
Palma Healthcare Systems LLC, a leading edge medical software company headquartered in Madison WI, transforms clinical research into practical, useful products.

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